Lee Forum called for reports of flytipping problem areas from Lee Forum members and met with council officers to look for solutions.

Thankyou to everyone who submitted details of rubbish and flytipping, as well as compliments to Lewisham and Greenwich’s waste services for joining us in 2018 to inspect and discuss the areas. Some reports of flytipping were outside the forum area, some inside but the problems were the same, as are the possible solutions.

The problem areas can be summarised as:

  • Shops owners and residents above shops being told to leave refuse in bags on pavements for daily collection between specific hours but instead leaving them at other times (flytipping).This uncollected refuse attracts more flytipping and scattering by animals
  • Unnecessary street furniture, including some bins, attract flytipping
  • Derelict areas; areas not overlooked; verges; busy public highways attract flytipping
  • Those reporting issues to generic council emails, Fix My Street and councillors are not receiving responses
  • Refuse and recycling bins are insuffient/over flowing in some areas before they are emptied.
  • Landsmann Way does not accept enough types of waste so they are flytipped
  • Flytipping is a no consequence crime
  • Dog waste left on pavements and in parks

As a community we should report flytipping when we see it so that councils can collect it

Lewisham – Love Clean Streets (website and app)

Greenwich – Fix My Street (website and app)

Enforcement action that councils can take:

Lewisham – click here.

Greenwich – click here.

Suggested Actions:

  • Lewisham to establish an Environment Champions Programme with a dedicated support officer as Greenwich has
  • Issue More Flytipping and dog fowling Enforcement Fines
  • Community report WITNESSED Flytipping and dog fowling to councils
    • Take photograph/your own CCTV image
    • Find identification eg named and addressed letter found in rubbish or vehicle number plate
    • Be willing to be a witness for the council
  • Community report NON WITNESSED Flytipping and dog fouling on Fix My Street
  • Councils give all waste officers, not just enforcement officers, the right to issue on the spot fines
  • Arrange audit of Lee High Road shops and residents between the two Old Road entrances and Hamlet Close refuse collection.
  • Lewisham and Greenwich waste officers frequent and effective education of residents, businesses and landlords in transient areas.